me and lomography

its start when I was in form 4, 2004.
I've watch this movie : collage of our life
it's a love story with elements of mystery, suspense, film noir, comedy and road picture. A would-be photographer, Makoto (Ryuhei Matsuda) falls in love with Shizuru (Ryoko Hirosue). Their relationship comes to an end when Makoto realizes Shizuru's photographic skills turn out to be better than his own. Later, he learns of Shizuru's death in New York.

but then, I grow my enthusiasm in photography, I meet this guy in Photoshop,
he said, that he can teach me a few things about photography, the camera ( It's cool!),
the photo, how they turnout look like.
It's awesome, the excitement grow lot and lot day by day.
then after SPM, I stated my intention to learn more about photography,
but after i know about the cost to learn about this field is high,
my folks began to question about it, so for their sake I've to stop
about last year, I heard about lomography.
that was my 1st time heard about it, and the good new is, the cost is not even exceeded RM1000.
hence, the camera is totally cute and amusing.
despite its manual traditional ways of taking the picture and plastic physical.
the pattern is cute, furthermore, lomo looks cool.
I started again my old interest. =)


the 1st roll from blackbird. fly:


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