How well do I know me?

assalamualaikum w.b.t I began my writing with my wishing a peace upon u.
call me mimie. its better. simple and pronounceable. this is actually my 1st time writing things about myself, I usually skip this action when I sign up for any social network. either I leave it blank or just write 'later' in 'about me's column.
WHY? duh.. maybe I don't really know how am I going to describe myself into what.
telling people what I fond of, my turn on n off. so lame.
but still, i think i'm gonna have to write it somehow. this is my blog anyway.
zzz... hope there's no one read this blog.
I'm gonna skip the part of introducing the full name. heh! its my blog, remember?.
I was born at August 1988, Jerantut hospital, Pahang, Malaysia.
My father work as a peneroka or felda's settlers (I can't translate it right), erm how am I gonna describe what is peneroka or felda's settlers?. duh! that's why man invented google. google it yerself. ;P
was raised in the ordinary malaysian local family. learn the custom but still lack in practice. my bad. I have an average academic background, my primary and secondary school in jengka.. and even my 1st diploma in still in Pahang. btw, hey, there's nothing wrong of being jengkarian. in fact, i'm proud of it.
after about 21 years of my life living in pahang, finally, I can discover a new whole place which is Melaka, to tell you the truth, i'm feel really excited myself. this is an excellent opportunity for me to see whether I will be able to survive or not in living a new places, new peoples and totally new enviroment.
well, think that's all for now. i'm not really enthutiasim as truly writer who might have a loads of things to write.
 i end it here then. wasalam.


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